One of the leading Stainless Steel Pipes Manufacturers in Houston, Texas

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Universal demand of Stainless Steel products is expanding at rate of over 7% per year. Thanks to our economic development growth worldwide, the annual consumption is now over approx. 30million tons and increasing in spaces such as manufacturing, building, metallurgy and household appliances. Stainless steel is sturdier, higher eroding resilient, low upkeep, eye-catching in look and expensive than standard grade of steel.

MSI Supply is one of the prominent Stainless steel pipes manufacturers and exporters, in diverse specifications and dimensions, which find applications in high demanding industries and sectors, predominantly high temperature and eroding resistance service areas.

Material & Construction

The following offers an in-depth view of the material grades sold by MSI Supply. Each link below will provide the chemical composition, manufacturing specifications, yield and tensile strength, as well as other particular product and grade information.

Stainless Steel Pipe

A312 - Seamless and Welded Standard Pipe: A312 is a standard specification for seamless and welded austenitic stainless steel pipe intended for high temperature and corrosive service.

Special Alloy Steel Pipe

Special alloys are used for applications that require more demanding performance, such as extreme temperature and corrosive resistance.  Each of the following exotic alloys provides unique attributes for such engineered applications.  Applications for these alloys include, but are not limited to: chemical processing, chemical storage, pollution control, waste treatment, food processing, and pharmaceutical equipment.

One of the leading Stainless Steel Pipes Manufacturers in Houston

MSI Supply is also one of the prominent exporters of Stainless Steel pipes. Our supply chain includes American subcontinents and many other import sources. We have greater level of industries knowledge because we have state-of-art manufacturing facility to produce ERW stainless steel pipes & tubes with latest technologies. Checkout our Stainless steel pipes and tubes products with detailed specification.

Stainless steel pipes are cost-effective ways for transmission of liquids envisioned for high temperature compare to shipping by rail road. Stainless Steel are very useful for industries like Biochemical, Petrochemical, Oil & gas, Fertilizers, paper and pulp, water treatment facilities, Dairy, Furniture etc. Stainless steel pipes also have many abundant applications, which are crucial in many industries.

About Us

MSI Supply is a Houston, TX based full-line distributor of pipe, valves, fittings, flanges, stud bolts, gaskets, and fasteners, serving price-conscious customers who desire quick deliveries and consolidation of their material needs. With a large inventory of carbon and stainless pipe, cast and forged steel valves, tubing, and the thousands of fittings and fasteners required to put it all together, MSI can meet the needs of virtually any piping, fastener, or instrumentation project.