Spiral-wound gaskets comprise a mix of metallic and filler material. Generally, the gasket has a metal (normally carbon rich or stainless steel) wound outwards in a circular spiral (other shapes are possible) with the filler material (generally a flexible graphite) wound in the same manner but starting from the opposing side. This results in alternating layers of filler and metal. The filler material in these gaskets acts as the sealing element, with the metal providing structural support.

These gaskets have proven to be reliable in most applications, and allow lower clamping forces than solid gaskets, albeit with a higher cost. MSI is a gasket distributor, offering spiral wound gaskets in 304 & 316 stainless steel, along with several special alloys. With sizes ranging from 1/4” to 36", MSI can provide the gaskets required for virturally any project.

Types of Spiral Wound Gaskets

  • Style CG: Utilizes an external ring which accurately centers gasket on flange face; provides additional radial strength to prevent gasket blowout and acts as a compression stop.
  • Style CGI: A style CG gasket fitted with internal ring which gives an additional compression limiting stop and provides heat and corrosion barrier protecting gasket windings and preventing flange erosion.
  • Style R: Basic construction type, inner and outer diameters are reinforced with several plies of metal without filler to give greater stability and better compression characteristics.
  • Style RIR: Solid inner metal ring acts as a compression stop and fills the annular space between flange bore and the inside diameter. Designed to prevent accumulation of solids, reduce turbulent flow of process fluids and minimize erosion of flange faces.
  • ·Style HX-RIR:The style HX-RIR is a variation of the style "RIR" spiral wound gasket, developed for use on heat exchanger TEMA type flange arrangements.
  • Carrier Ring: The carrier ring gasket consists of two spiral wound gasket seals recessed into each face of a metallic core. The major benefits of the carrier ring are the high recovery characteristics of the double spiral arrangement and its increased strength and handlability over a standard configuration.
  • Style HE: Style HE gaskets are for heat exchangers where pass bars (ribs) are required. The outer portion is of standard spiral wound construction, whereas the rib portion is normally of single or double jacketed style, securely fastened to the ID of the spiral wound portion.
  • Style HE-CG: This style is identical to the Style HE, except that it is fitted with an outer ring on the OD. This outer ring can act as a centering guide and provides additional radial strength to prevent gasket blowout. It also acts as a compression stop.


MSI Supply stocks the following spiral wound gaskets and can often provide them same-day delivery.  MSI can also provide spiral wound gaskets with larger diameters, as well as special alloys (Alloy 20, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium, etc), however these items may be subject to a longer lead time for delivery.

  • Size Range: ¼” to 36” Diameter
  • Class: 150 – 2500
  • Windings: 304 SS, 316 SS
  • Filler: Graphite, Teflon

Check out the complete inventory here. You’ll be able to access all kinds of spiral wound gaskets that we manufacture and supply.

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