How well do you have detailed information about flanges pipes? Recall that flanges come in a diversity of sizes and shapes to suit dissimilar applications. A flange is typically in the form of a disc and is used to join couple of tubes together or to join a pipe to a tee, valve and other components connecting each other. Providing support and forte, two flanges are characteristically attached to pipe ends with a gasket in between.

To revive your memory, let’s take a look at few diverse types of flanges. After going through these flanges, we’re pretty much sure that you’ll remember how easily flanges can be recognized by merely taking note of the individual characteristics that associate to their application and function.

Blind Flange


The blind flange is used to cover the end of pipes systems and stop the flow, making it easy to conduct pressure tests. A blind flange is a plate for covering or closing the end of a pipe. A flange joint is a connection of pipes, where the connecting pieces have flanges by which the parts are bolted together. Although the word flange generally refers to the actual raised rim or lip of a fitting, many flanged plumbing fittings are themselves known as 'flanges'.

Common flanges used in plumbing are the Surrey flange or Danzey flange, York flange, Sussex flange and Essex flange. Surrey and York flanges fit to the top of the hot water tank allowing all the water to be taken without disturbance to the tank. They are often used to ensure an even flow of water to showers. An Essex flange requires a hole to be drilled in the side of the tank.

Threaded Flange


Threaded Flanges are used for special circumstances with their main advantage being that they can be attached to the pipe without welding. Threaded flanges can be removed easily. Sometimes a seal weld is also used in conjunction with the threaded flange connection.

Slip-On or Hubbed Flange


This kind of flange, as inferred by its name, has a diameter somewhat larger than the pipe so that it can slide over the pipe to fit snugly. Though they are thinner than most other flanges, they are strong, dependable, and cost-effective.

Lap Joint Flange


Lap joint flanges are always used with either a stub end or Taft which is butt-welded to the pipe with the lap joint flange loose behind it. The stub end/taft always makes the face. Lap joint flanges are used in systems that need frequent cleaning. Lap joint flanges are favoured in low-pressure applications because it is easily assembled and aligned.  These flanges look very similar to a slip on, but they are distinguished by the rounded interior edge of the flange face.  To reduce cost, lap joint flanges can be supplied without a hub and/or in treated, coated carbon steel

Welding Neck Flange


Often used for high-pressure applications to reduce the concentration of stress, this type of flange has a neck that is welded to the base of pipes. One of the most popular options for high-pressure systems, the tapered hub offers strength and flexibility.

Bulk Head Flange


Precisely intended for maritime business use on ships, this exclusive flange is welded straight to the wall or side of a ship’s hull, also termed bulk head. As you know, bulk heads are the parts within the hull or bottom of the ship that generate practical, watertight zones for holding water in the event of a hull break or other leak. A bulk head flange has a dense flat face and threaded bolt holes and can be used, for an instance, in aggregation with the ship’s boiler to bring in seawater.

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