Finned Tube Ferrules and Accessories


MSI provides finned tube ferrules and other accessories such as:

-Tube Ferrules

-Header Plugs

-Tube Plugs

-Shoulder Bolts and Gaskets

-Scalloped Channel Tube Supports

Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Accessories Inquiries

For inquiries on finned tube ferrules and accessories, please contact our finned tubes specialist, Laura Blackmon ( 

Finned Tube Ferrules Overview

Finned tube ferrulesferrules are used as the inlet to a heat exchanger and provide protection and corrosion resistance.  Finned tube ferrules havea flared inlet, and the outlet has a taper. This allows the finned tube ferrules to accommodate the inner diameter of the finned tube and minimize turbulent fluid flow.

MSI’s finned tube ferrules can be manufactured with wall thicknesses as thin as 0.020 and up to 12” long. Finned Tube Ferrules can be constructed of many different materials, however, it is recommended that corrosion resistant materials be selected to provide for additional corrosive protection.  MSI’s finned tube ferrules can be manufactured in several grades of stainless and alloy steels.