L-Foot Finned Tubes


L-Foot Finned Tubes Offering

Air Cooled L-Foot Finned Tubes are used in: chemical plants, refineries, power plants, and more.

MSI provides fin tubes, L-foot finned tubes, and related products across the gulf coast region, utilizing a network of highly capable manufacturing partners.  The table below summarizes MSI’s common finned tubes configurations.

Tube Size Range:

1/2" to 2" Diameter

Fin Height:

1/4” to 3/4”

Fin Pitch

4 to 13 fins/inch

Fin Thickness

0.014” to 0.016” (1/16”)

Tube Material:

Carbon Steel,  Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, and Most Alloys

Fin Material:


Tube Length:

Virtually Any Length


Up to 300°F


L-Foot Finned Tubes Contact for Inquiries

For inquiries on finned tubes, please contact our finned tubes specialist, Laura Blackmon (laura@msisupply.com).  In order to serve you better, please be sure to specify the tube material, tube thickness, fin height, and fin pitch in your inquiry.

L-Foot Finned Tubes Construction

L-Foot finned tubes are comprised of two components, a base tube and an aluminum fin.

The base tube material and wall thickness will be driven by the type of fluid flowing through the finned tubes, as well as the pressure of the fluid flow.  Therefore, finned tubes will range from thin-walled carbon steel to thick-walled alloy steels. 

The fin component of finned tubes consists of a thin aluminium fin strip that is tightly wound around the base tube.  Fins vary in their height, fin pitch, as well fin thickness.  Finned tubes typically will have a fin height between ¼” to ¾”, and the fin pitch (number of fins per inch) will range from 4 to 13.  Fin thickness only varies slightly, and is typically around 1/16”.

L-Foot Finned Tubes Benefits and Weaknesses

L-Foot finned tubes present several strong advantages.  Finned tubes are an economical, provide tremendous heat transfer at lower temperatures, and they also offer greater resistance to vibration. L-Foot finned tubes also provide for uniform fin spacing and a broader contact surface between the base tube and the fin.   

L-Foot finned tubes, however, are not known for their mechanical durability, as they cannot withstand significant force applied to the fin area.  Great care must be taken when handling or cleaning finned tubes in order to avoid damage.